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Sorry, no there isn't a step by step for Publisher 2000, and you will find
that you cannot overlap objects as easily with 2000 as you can 2003. In most
cases when you overlap objects they are converted to images in 2000. I think
the main thing you can do is put in the background color or textures, and
then "offset" the text boxes somewhat to approach the effect you want. Read
through the instructions for 2003, and apply the general principals within
the limits of what you can do with 2000. Or...live with left justified
pages...there is nothing wrong with them.

If you really insist upon centering, Don might be along soon, and he has a
program and technique that works with Pub 2000, but not 2002+. If he
doesn't, I will dig through old posts and see if I can find it.


Don Schmidt

Hi David,

Here's some information regarding how to center a website created with
Publisher 2000.

This works only for websites created with Publisher 2000 (fairly certain)

Each of your html files requires adding the <center> code after the existing
<head> code.

You can go into each html file and do it manually or get the free
Replaceinfiles program
and make it an easy chore.

"ReplaceInFiles" can be downloaded from:


The four boxes require the following information:

Find: <head>
Replace with: <head> <center>
File Types: *.html
In Folder:
(use the button to go to the folder where the html files are located on your

The bottom four boxes can be left blank.

Note: Once the boxes are filled out, the entries are retained for the next
time you use the program.

Vancouver, USA

P.S. One of the kind visitors of this news group told us of Replaceinfiles
program some time ago; 'Sorry I forgot the individual's name. (Another
unsung hero).


Thank you once again to David & Don for your information and advice,
especially the "ReplaceInFiles" download - it works perfectly.

Regards Laura.


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