Pivot Table with Data Model Connection - getpivotdata #REF error


Nirmalya Choudhury

I have a pivot table that is connected to a data model as the data source for the pivot table. The data model is connected to a SQL Server.

I am using the data in the pivot table to populate a dashboard where I am using the getpivotdata function.

The problem with getpivotdata I am facing is that the arguments in the getpivotdata are referencing the data table in the data model


=GETPIVOTDATA ("[Measures].[Count of Activity Type]",'DD View Pivots'!$A$3,

"[v_rpt_ActivitySummary].[Area (Regarding)]","[v_rpt_ActivitySummary].[Area (Regarding)].&[United States]",


"[v_rpt_ActivitySummary].[Week]","[v_rpt_ActivitySummary].[Week].&[This Week]")

When I try to change the item reference to certain cells in my output dashboard I get a #REF error.


=GETPIVOTDATA ("[Measures].[Count of Activity Type]",'DD View Pivots'!$A$3,

"[v_rpt_ActivitySummary].[Area (Regarding)]",G$2


"[v_rpt_ActivitySummary].[Week]",$D7) will give me a #REF error.

I would like to change the Items in my arguments into cell references.

Is there any way to fix this reference error?


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