Printing a hard copy of an imported PDF from Microsoft OneNote 2010


Darren Micallef

Hello All,

First of all thanks for this opportunity to ask and help answer questions and difficulties that may arise during the use of Microsoft Office.

I am a University Student, and I use Microsoft OneNote 2010 to take my notes during lectures. When I just write text, I have no problem whatsoever in printing a hard copy of these.
However my difficulty arises when it is not just text. On several occasions, we receive class notes in PDF format, which I insert OneNote and I add notes to them at various places with no problem at all. Unfortunately, when I finish my note-taking and come to print out a hard copy of these notes, the PDF pages end up split over different pages, which make the printout useless to me (since the PDF pages would include diagrams and schemes). Since I require hard copies of my notes, this problem is hindering me from the benefits of OneNote.

Could anyone please help me find a solution to this problem?

I thank you in advance for your help.

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