Problem on Word 2007 - the heading numbering format.


Mr. X.

Something got wrong on the heading with numbering format.
There are styles :
Heading 1: 1.
Heading 2: 1.1.
Heading 3: * (Instead of 1.1.1)

How can I fix heading 3? (to be of style 1.1.1)

Thanks :)



Stefan Blom

Place the insertion point in the first Heading 1 paragraph of the
document. Click Home tab | Multilevel List. In the dialog box, click
level 3. Delete any contents of the "Enter formatting for number" box
and then recreate it, using the "Include level number from" list to add
levels 1 and 2. Use "Number style for this level" to add the level 3
number. Type in the periods. When you are done, click OK.

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