Programming reporting sequences into project programmes

Nov 12, 2013
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Hi there,

I'm completing a worksheet for a local authority client.

Often with programming local authority projects, the WBS associated with delivering a project needs to be fitted around a predetermined and separate sequence associated with public decision making.

Each decision needs a formal report to be submitted.

Each report needs to go through a sequence of reviews and managerial approvals that count down to the submission date for a specific meeting.

For example:

Gateway 1: (10 working days from submission deadline)
Report to Head of Finance for final comments. Copy to Asst. Director FYI. Report to Divisional Head for comment

Gateway 2: (7 working days from submission deadline)
Final comments from Head of Finance, Asst Director and Divisional Head

Gateway 3: (5 working days from submission deadline)
Report to Director for comment

Gateway 4: (3 working days from submission deadline)
Report to Director for sign off

Gateway 5: (1 working day from submission deadline)
Director to approve

Submission deadline: 3/10/14
Meeting date: 10/10/14

The sequence of approval and review deadlines leading up to a submission date is the same for all decision making meetings.

I would like to create a template of this reporting sequence that can be cut and paste into spreadsheets for myself and colleagues so that the dates for each deadline in the process leading up to submission can be automatically calculated by MS Project.

Ideally the only thing I would like to change is the date of each decision making meeting, so that I can then see how the milestones and workstages for delivering the project match up deadlines associated with the reporting sequence for a specific meeting date.

So far I have determined that the tasks in the reporting sequence need to be set to finish As Late As Possible. But its not clear whether the tasks need to be linked or whether I need to set any constraints/conditions.

Is anyone able to advise on what else I need to set up in order to be able to set up the reporting processes so that I just need to change one date?


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