Publish to web page, still refers to hard drive



I have used Publisher to produce web pages for years, and loved it. But now
that I have Windows 7, Publisher 2007 and IE8, it is proving impossible.

I manually changed all the references for the pages so that they listed
specific web addresses, so now those work, but all of the pictures I added to
pages are now missing becuase despite publishing to the web, they all refer
to my hard drive.

Web site is Http://

Thanks for any help. I am tearing my hair out!!!!!


First of all I presume you meant and not

What version of Publisher did you use previously? Was it Pub 2000?

Right click one of your pictures > change picture > graphics manager. Are
your pictures linked or embedded? If linked, then change to embedded.

How are you publishing your web files? Are you using FTP or HTTP uploading
protocol? Be give us the detailed steps as to how you produce your web files
and then upload them to your host.

Are you perhaps using the Master Page feature? View > Master Page, is there
anything on the MP?



I have used all of the versions of Publisher back to the 1990's. We are
currently using Pub 2007, which worked fine until we upgraded on both IE8 and
Windows 7.

The pictures all show as embedded.

The only option I get when I open "publish to the web" is to save the file
locally; I have searched and don't see any options for FTP or going direct to
the web; what is pictured in the help files is totally different from what I
see. I have checked for Publisher upgrades, but it tells me I am up to date.

So, I save the files to a local drive. It creates an index, and then a file
called "index_files". I am using FileZilla to FTP the files to our domain.

The Master Page is empty. I've never used that before. What should it be


I am not sure what caused this, but I would suggest that you Publish to the
Web and produce a new index.htm file and an index_files folder to your local
computer and before uploading them, delete the old files off the host
server. Continue using FileZilla and don't worry about the Master
should not be using it with a Publisher web publication.



FTPing from within Publisher still didn't fix the problem. Each picture that
had been inserted still had code that referred to c://............. address
on my hard drive.

We just got it fixed, and I believe all the pictures are showing
( ) but the way we fixed it is really ugly. I opened
each html page on Notepad and did a find an replace to delete the portion of
each picture address that including a reference to the hard drive.

Fixed it, but now I can't update from Publisher. Time to find new web page
editing software! And the amazing part is that I was just updating a file
that had previously worked just fine.

Thanks for your help -- Ellen


I don't know why you are experiencing this. Feel free to upload a copy of
your Pub file to and post a link here to download it, and
I will take a look at it, and others can also download and see if they can
figure out the problem.

After you 'fixed it', you said you could no longer update it from Publisher.
Are you saying that you imported the html files to update or that you opened
the Pub file to make changes?

Your Pub file is residing on your local hard drive when you open and edit it



I'm also getting this issue. It looks like Publisher does this if you put an
image in a Master Page. It gets the URL correct when generating the Index.htm
page but gets it wrong for all the other pages.


Thanks for the comment. The OP said that she was NOT using a Master Page,
but you are correct. You should not put anything on the Master Page in a web
publication and save that feature for a print publication.


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