Publisher 2007 not printing two sided cards correctly.



I am trying to print a card that is two-sided. The paper is set up as 5x7
inches half-page side fold with the layout type of folded card, so it's
really a 10x7 inch piece of paper. It was printing right where page 1 and 4
would print on the same side and then you flip the paper over and continue
printing and it would print page 2 and 3 on the same side, that way when you
folded it in half page one is the cover and page 4 is the back and 2 and 3
are on the inside.

The print setup dialog would even show the two sided option with 1 and 4 on

However, something happened so that now it is printing page 1 and 2 on the
same side and then 3 and 4 on the other side. The two side print option
displays a 1 and 2 now. What setting changed to cause this and how can I
change it back?




Mary Sauer

Setup your publication as a booklet. File, page setup, Advanced (on the right),
Booklet, 5" width, 7" height.
I assume you already have your printer setup for this custom size.
When you are ready to print, File, Print, select booklet on this screen, there
is a print preview here.

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