Publishing Site to Disc



I am trying to publish a site I've maintained with FP2K for years to my
hard disc in order to back it up. When I do this, I get an error
message that says "the following pages in your web contain dynamic FP
components ... they will not work unless they are copied to a web server
that has the FP Server extensions installed." There are 2 buttons,
continue and cancel. If I click continue, the process aborts anyway. I
read through more help files, and then marked each of the pages listed
in the dialogue above as "don't publish." It STILL doesn't work now
giving me a message that the http path is invalid. I've used the browse
dialoge to specify the hard disc path to back up the site to.

What is the friggin deal with FP - and how the heck can I back up my

(tried just dragging/dropping window - window, and copy=> paste -- FP
would only create shortcuts - not actually move the file)

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