remove border from linked table



i have a table that i have imported from excel and there is a border around
it. i have right clicked on the table, gone to Borders and Shading, and
clicked None, but the border still appears. the border doesn't appear on
other tables that i have linked to excel. also went into the excel document
and formatted the linked table to No borders. how can i remove the border?
and why does the Borders & Shading / None option work on some tables but not

thanks in advance for your help



Stefan Blom

Right-click the object and choose Format Object from the context menu
(possible with "floating" objects, that is, object *not* "In line with
text"). On the Colors and Lines tab, clear the border. (In some versions you
may have to set the border to use a white color instead of actually deleting
it.) When you are done, click OK.

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