remove "linear" from trendline legend entry

Discussion in 'Excel Charting' started by dschneiderch, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. dschneiderch

    dschneiderch Guest

    Hi, I am plotting some data but I only want to show the trends so
    I've hidden all the scatter points and am showing just the linear
    trendlines. However, the legend entries are Linear (April), Linear
    (May) there any way to just show the series names without
    dschneiderch, Dec 19, 2011
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  2. dschneiderch

    Jim Cone Guest

    Right-click the trendline.
    In the pop-up menu choose Format Trendline.
    In the dialog box that appears, choose the Options tab.
    Under Trendline name, select Custom and fill in the new name.
    Jim Cone
    Portland, Oregon USA . .
    (editorial review of special sort excel add-in (30 ways to sort)

    "dschneiderch" <>
    wrote in message
    Jim Cone, Dec 19, 2011
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  3. dschneiderch


    Pada Selasa, 20 Desember 2011 0:23:01 UTC+7, dschneiderch menulis:
    klik this link;

    i think that is very easy to understand trend of data
    , Nov 27, 2013
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