Repair/reconstruction of FP Web site


Ed Sowell

I have a Web site that has been maintained by several different people over
several years, which is probably why I find I can't do a proper Publish from
a local copy. IOW, I can transfer files by selecting individually, but when
I just click Publish Web site I get anomolus results. For example, I see
multiple copies of folders in the remote Web panel, there are reports of
files existing locally that are not on the remote site when in fact they are
there, and on and on. From what I have read, this is probably due to
corrupted FP metafiles as a result of using a third-party FTP tool to move
files into the Web outside of FP.

I am now preparing to move the Web to a different hosting service. Rather
than just aksing them to transfer it, I would like to clean it up first so I
am starting with a proper FP Web at the new host. Here's what I have in mind
to do this.

First, I will creat a new disk-based Web on my desktop. Then I will use FP
2003 to transfer just the wanted pages and supporting files from the old
disk-based Web into the new one, leaving behind a bunch of unused or
unnecessary files, photo albums, and the like. Next I will publish the new
Web to a second machine on my home network on which I am running IIS. Once
I get it all working locally, I will publish the new web to my new hosting

Will this work? Is there a better or easier way?




Ed, another idea would be to import the current website in total from the
current host to a new disk base site.
First do a recalculate hyperlinks. then open reports and select unlinked
Select all files that does not have a link to or from it and delete them,
secondly go through all the folders and delete all empty folders. That
should clear or clean up your website pretty well. (note, if you've used
some third party software to created ie a photo album, that might show as
unlinked files)

just my 2c worth, but it did save my a lot of tedious work before

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