What if I just say "to hell with FP extensions" ??

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Brevoortia tyrannus

I am having a frustrating time publishing my website using FP.

However, if I ftp the site using either FrontPage's ftp function or
Filezilla ftp application, files transfer just fine. Of course, I lose the
FrontPage functions such as themes and search -- which are not all that
important anyway.

So -- what happens if I simply ftp my site to my host account?? If there
are vestiges of attempts to publish -- such as files with themes, etc. --
will that cause any problems?

If I stay with ftp instead of publish, what files and directories should I
delete from the remote web site?

By the way -- the host is GoDaddy -- I maintain five websites -- two on
GoDaddy and three elsewhere -- GoDaddy's support for FP Extensions is damn
near nonexistent.



If you really wish to drop the extensions, then ON THE SERVER delete all
folders (and their contents) with names beginning _vti
There will be a folder named _vti_cnf in every folder. You will have to use
Filezilla to do this.
You can also delete _vti_inf.html and postinfo.htm from the root folder ON

IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete anything from your local copy of the web site.

is a complete list of all components that use the FrontPage extensions.
Themes do NOT require the extensions, nor do most navigation components -
though custom navigation bars do need them.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression)

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