Reset default theme after changes to styles?



I was used to creating my own styles and templates in Word 2003, so I did
that for a couple of projects I'm working on that use unique styles. But
somehow in the process of figuring out how to do that in Word 2007, I managed
to change the styles in too. Now, even when I change the Theme
(even the default theme in, I can't get rid of the old styles
that automatically show up. For instance, even when it shows Solstice (for
example) as the default theme in now, the styles for Headings are
still showing for the template styles I created for one of these other

I have the project styles saved in separate templates, so I'm not afraid I
might lose them. But I'm afraid to just delete the styles from (as
a solution to resetting them) because they're basic styles (Heading 1,
Heading 2, etc.). Changing the various style components (under Colours or
Fonts in Page Layout) doesn't affect the styles I changed (although changing
the theme, colours or fonts does affect the styles I didn't change).

How can I reset the Normal template so that it responds to changes in the
theme, colours, etc.? I can't seem to find any reference to this in the Help
section or in this newsgroup. Thanks!


PamC via

Themes and style sets change the document defaults. They work best when the
document default font is +Body and when in the template, the heading font is
+Headings. To make your normat.dotm theme ready again, you should change
the heading fonts to +Headings and empty the normal style of settings so
that its description looks something like this ... Font: (Default) +Body,
Left, Line spacing: single, Widow/Orphan control, Style: Quick Style. A fast
way to do this is to exit Word, rename your old normal.dotm, and restart Word,
which will generate a new normal template.

If you want your template styles to be available in your other documents, you
could create a style set. I'm guessing that you may want to fix the defaults
and font settings in your templates too. I had to do that with templates I
brought over from W2003.



Hi Pam,

Thanks for your reply. I'm afraid I'm finding it more difficult than I
thought getting used to the new way Word 2007 does things, so I like the idea
of just deleting the old Normal.dotm and letting Word generate a new one.
However, a search only shows shortcuts called Normal.dotm. Where would I find
it in the new file structure?


Graham Mayor

As with earlier versions, the normal template (here normal.dotm) is stored
in the User Templates folder, here defined in Word Options > Advanced > File

By default it will be a hidden folder which you can access by typing (or
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates
into the Explorer address bar.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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Thanks Graham. I found it with your help. Renaming the old Normal.dotm has
indeed cleared te old changes. Thanks very much.


Graham Mayor

You are welcome :)

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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