section numbering



I have a document with three sections. I want to show pages X of Y using the
combined pages on section 1 and Section 2.

I then want to start fresh with section 3.

Is there a way to total the first two sections?



Greg Maxey

You could put a bookmark a the end of section 1 and another one at the end
of section 2 then use {PAGE} of {=({PAGEREF Bookmark1} + {PAGEREF
Bookmark2}) pages

Word Heretic

G'day "rlampky" <[email protected]>,

You'd have to use a Master Document as a publishing gimmick, as
written in the magazine > word area, or muck around
with RD fields inside of section breaks.

Steve Hudson - Word Heretic
Want a hyperlinked index? S/W R&D? See

steve from (Email replies require payment)

rlampky reckoned:




Thanks, I think that will work the best. I did not want to go the route of
Master document after reading several of the other negative posts.

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