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I have a text field (where the underlaying table field is set to text
and not number) and i am trying to limit the decimal place of a number
i am populating this field with to 2 decimals.

i know if the field was a Number field instead of a text field this
would not be a problem but how do i get Access2010 to round up to 2
decimals when this isn't set to a number field ( i need this field to
be a text field)

when i set the format option of the field (in the form) to :
([Budget], 2)
before i save it access automatically changes it to "([Bu"d"get], 2)"

how do i set the format to show only 2 decimals???

btw sometimes i need this field populated to read NO BUDGET which is
why it is set as a text field and not number field

Feb 9, 2012
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You can't format what's in the box instead you need to write it into the textbox already formatted so the number stored is 2.35 or whatever.

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