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Discussion in 'Word VBA Beginners' started by supersub15, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. supersub15

    supersub15 Guest

    We generate our MS-Word 2007 documentation from an app called Author-
    IT (AIT). For some reason ( can't figure out why), AIT places 2 hard
    returns after a style we use to display the release date, named

    We are using a StyleRef field in the footer that references the
    "Byline" style, but since there are 2 paragraph marks after it, the
    StyleRef field is displaying nothing. I created a macro that strips
    the 2 extra paragraph marks during the publishing phase from AIT, but
    that is causing the weird effect of the "Byline" style getting gobbled
    up by a text box containing the company logo in another part of the

    Is there a way to make Word ignore the 2 extra paragraph marks and
    display the styleref in the footer or is there a better way to display
    the date other than using styleref? A macro maybe?

    Really not sure what my options are here.

    Thanks for the help
    supersub15, Apr 18, 2011
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