Sub project role up not being calculated correctly

Oct 5, 2011
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Hey All,

I have installed Microsoft Project 2010 Sp1 x64 and am having the following issue. Can anyone help?

I have several project files that I manage from one master project file by adding them as sub projects. My issue is that when I open the master project the Gantt chart, duration and start and finish dates are correct yet as soon as I try and expand one of the sub project all the other sub projects in the master file seem to change there duration, start and and finish date.

"See two pics for example." (one on first open and the other when expanding the Permit Generation sub project)

This can be resolved by expanding all the other sub projects and then they take back the correct duration ect.

Any thoughts?



  • First opened.png
    First opened.png
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  • Open Permit Generation changes others.png
    Open Permit Generation changes others.png
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