Submitting a manuscript...a solution


Sylvia M

Submitting a manuscript

Most publishers, certainly online publishers, seem to prefer an
e-mailed manuscript.

My dilemma, as posted as an inquiry several months ago was stated as:
"It seems to me that there was a time that I could open 2 Word .docs
and have them come up in separate windows, but even if not, is there a
way to make this happen? I need 2 individual word documents to open and
resize down so that I can copy from one to paste into the
other. Instead, the second one called up opens 'on top of', that is in
the same window, and I have to copy, then find the first .doc on File to
call it up to paste into. I have about 250 poems in separate Word .docs
to paste into one continuous .doc
Sylvia M
Some solutions offered didn't seem to work too well for me, though I
thank those who posted to help me.
Suggested solutions:
open both documents
(they opened in exactly the same window, not 2 separate ones.)

Right click on the taskbar and
then left click on "Show Windows side by side".
Open two documents, then click the Window menu and select Compare
Side by Side.
( again, they opened in exactly the same window, not 2 separate
Drag and drop works too
This results in an RTF, which is difficult to then modify or
I replied: (on 8/19/09)
"Thanks guys, will save and try in a few days when all editing is done,
Then come back with feedback...


I have since come up with another solution that really worked well
for it is for those who have need of making separate word
documents into one manuscript. Remember that I had about 250 poems in
individual Word .docs to paste into one continuous .doc.
It could have been several short stories, or whatever your need is.

1. In a new file, drag and drop each document in the order that you
will want it in the master document. Never mind formatting that may
not be consistent at this time.

2. Word will try to alphabetize at this time...probably not what you
want, so rename in numerical order...( I used 1.01 to 1.34 for the first
section, 2.01,2.02 etc ...for the entire 240 poems) I used 1.0, 2.0
3.0 etc for chapter or section headings.

3. I now opened a new Word document, the one I was going to make into
the continuous 'roll' and name it, like "250 Poems, or a book title,
and save it to desktop. (Until much later, I did not include title
page, front matter with small roman numerals, nor a table of
contents.....later we format those and add them)

From here on in, it's a rote exercise
a. click on the file list of poems, open,
downsize and put it to the right
b. select item #1
c. highlight and copy
d. hit file, find the manuscript name
should be set to list 9
e. bring up and paste #1
f. click the file list document #2
g. highlight and copy
h. hit file, find the manuscript name
i. open it and paste #2
Each new page can be brought up by hitting the double arrow at the right
side bottom of the word window.

Every 8 or 9 pages, you'll need to 'save' master document so that it
continues to appear in the 'File' document listing.
· When the single page is showing, on the upper right corner of that
single page (not the x above that one,) you can hit on the lower page to
close the single document, and the master document will be left up,
'behind it'.

· You can also access the master document by closing the single item
..doc...a window will pop up asking if you want to save the (name of the)
master document....hit cancel, and you are returned to that master
document, in which to paste the last copied page

Keep this up until all are transferred, or work a section at a time.
Reformat by highlighting all and changing font, size, spacing etc.

Now go back up to the top of manuscript and move each page, in order, to
where on a page you want it...(like 1 inch from top) adjusting up or
down till all are uniform.

Be sure to spell check!

Finally include page #s by hitting on Insert>>page numbers.

For Table of contents, I listed all poems and hand page numbered...too
many pitfalls otherwise, I was told. I added this above the body of
document in a separate field.

Hope this helps someone else.


Sylvia M.


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