Template Prompts


Bud Kerr

I have recently started using MS Office in my business having used Core
WordPerfect for years. Using word MS Word, when creating a template, i
there a way to be prompted to fill in a name or other data and have tha
name populated in many places or pages in a document?
Example: I own a mobile home park. When a new tenant moves, in I nee
to create a lease agreement. In the lease agreement, there may need t
be a name, date, space number or some other data put on some of th
pages. How can I just type the name one time and have it inserted wher

In WordPerfect, while creating a template, there was a "Prompts" comman
in which you could create the various data information. When you opene
the template (lease agreement template) a box would open asking fo
whatever data necessary such as name, address and so on and that dat
would be inserted wherever needed. I am sure Word has such a functio
but I have not been able to figure it out.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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