Text Hyperlinks in Nav Bar Broken to Firefox



I'm sure it's been discussed, but I haven't hit the right combination
of keywords in my searches....

I put a site together with MS Publisher 2003 SP3. It is at

I have unchecked "Rely on VML...." and "Allow PNG....". I ungrouped
the text link at the top, and I suspect that will work when I upload

I have a nav bar at the bottom generated by Publisher. It doesn't
seem to work in Firefox 3.0.1. I don't see a way to ungroup it. Is
there something else I can do to get it to work? It looks like a
product defect in Publisher to me....

Best Regards,
Frank Fitzpatrick

Rob Giordano \(Crash\)

Doesn't work in IE7 either (bottom navs), are you using a master page


Select the bottom navbar, go to Arrange > Ungroup. This will ungroup the
bottom navbar from the side navbar, and the navbar wizard. If you add a page
in the future, the wizard will not change the bottom navbar...you will have
to do it manually.

Also I noticed that your home page loaded very slowly, and after looking at
the code I could see that you produced your web pages by doing a "Save As a
web page". This produces a non-filtered heavy code in Pub 2003. Instead when
you are ready to produce your web pages, go to Edit > Publish to the Web
which produces lighter, filtered html, which will load much more quickly.



You are welcome. If you still have issues, come on back.


Thank you for the help. I'll put those changes in tonight.

-- Frank

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