Thumbnail Picture gallery help please



Hello Members,

I have just about given up in making a single swap image in Frontpage 2003
turn from small to large in Behaviors. Instead can someone please explain
to me howw I can make a "gallery" of 4 or 5 small thumbnail images connect
to 1 LARGE image. So when I mouse over the small images one at a time,
then each small image is represented in the Large Image.. So if I mouse
over small thumbnail 1, then a "larger" thumbnail 1 would show up in the
Big Window, and if I mouse over thumbnail 2, then a large Image of
thumbnail 2 would show up in the Big Window. The large picture window would
be on the top left portion of the page, and the smaller thumbnail images
would be to the right in a column running vertically, one after another
vertical. Please can someone help me achieve this using layers and behaviors
or can someone send me a really nice premade script.

Thankyou all, Ric I am a beginner so can you send the instructions
in a step by step way . Thanks

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