Track Changes transfer not working when I send a file to a client




I’m having some problems sending a document with track changes over to
client. Unfortunately I can’t access the client’s laptop, which means
can’t see what’s going on at his end. He is however sure that th
problem is at my end!

I’ve sent the client a .docx with track changes enabled from a Window
XP computer using Word 2008. He’s receiving the .docx to Word 2004. A
my end I can see everything: insertions and deletions, and comment
being the most important factors. He says he can only see “the italics”

I’ve sent documents with the exact same settings to other clients an
none of them have reported any issues in viewing my track changes. Ca
anyone think what might be the problem, either with my settings or wit
the settings of my client?


Peter T. Daniels

You can change an awful lot of settings in Track Changes. Presumably yours
are all or mostly the default, out-of-the-box settings, and at some point
your client's have changed. I doubt there's a single "Reset" button in the
Track Changes "Settings" panel, but that's where you change all sorts of
display possibilities.

Both of your version names (2008, 2004) are for Mac versions, but you say
you're running Windows?

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