Truly duplicating a sheet in a workbook?


Salmon Egg

Suppose I have a sheet in a workbook for which everything is just the
way ( want it. To be specific, I am using a sheet of basic drugs for
which I need to get refills. It prints the way I want it, it is oriented
correctly, print areas are correct, column widths are correct, and so is
everything I can think of.

I now wish to take a copy of this sheet and paste it into a new sheet.
That sheet can now be modified for a specific listing for a refill
order. Copy and Paste seems to do a good job on the data as does Copy
and Paste Special. Nevertheless, it seems that I need additional
operations to get all the other properties correct.

My question: How can I transfer ALL the information from one sheet to
another sheet in the same or another workbook without wondering if I get
everything done correctly?



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