Trying to create a report that will list unmatched records by Ticket Primary Key

Oct 14, 2021
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I’m hoping that someone can help me figure this out.
I’m not a programmer, just someone that is trying my best to make an approval process work in a simple database.
I have a Ticket Table, that can have different approvers based on the Group that is chosen. The group foreign key get’s stored in the tickets table.
There is a group members table that has the foreign key of the contact table for each member in the group.

I have a query that will show by Ticket all the required approvers’ names for the ticket.
I have another query that will show who has approved (from the approvals table) using the contact’s foreign key.
I’m trying to build a report that will list out by ticket, who has NOT approved.
I created an unmatched query, however, if the contact Foreign Key is in other tickets where that individual approved it will not list them.
Can anyone help me figure out how I can have the report run the query for each ticket?
I’m realizing I may have the relationships incorrect, and I don’t mind constructive criticism on how to set this up correctly. There are only about 27 tickets in the database so I can easily modify things if needed. I appreciate any help, suggestions you may have. Honestly this has been driving me crazy and I’ve spent hours trying to get the queries to work in a report and it’s not returning the correct results. I've attached an image of the relationships. Thank you so much.


  • Relationships layout.png
    Relationships layout.png
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