trying to write vba for older office vers. need help with tables


Michael Joel

I am writing a script to convert documents into clean HTML.
Problem right now is:
example of text and table

line 1:blah blah blah
line 2:
line 3:[table ]

now line 1 ended with a hard break and line 3 is the beginning line of a
table. There is an empty line between the two.
If I turn on hidden characters it looks like line 1 ends with a
paragraph mark (an asc 13). There is another on on line 2.

When I do a replace of chr(13) in the document with "<BR>" I get:
line 1:blah blah blah<BR>(a "paragraph" mark)
line 2:

line 3:[line 2 of table]

No matter what I do the second chr(13) never is detected. This causes in
HTML the table to come right under the text instead of leaving an empty

What is that "paragraph" mark standing for? It seems every table has it.

Thanks in advance


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