URGENT mde to mdb



I have a mde database. Mdb format has deleted. Also when I have saved this
mde file, someone was working on it and that ldb file is also missing. Now
when I try to open the file without its workgroup security file, the error
message is "Unrecognized database". If I try to open the the file within
its workgroup security file, the error (not exact words) "someone has
tried to changed the data..." So, without ldb and mde files how can I
recover at least the tables and queries?



Douglas J. Steele

The fact that the ldb file is missing is irrelevant: they're supposed to be
deleted by the last user to close the database. The fact that you're getting
an "Unrecognized database" error, though, could be a sign of corruption.

Your only option is to create a new database and try to import the data from
the MDE into the new MDB. And next time, don't delete the MDB!

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