I have lost 6 months work, how can i get my file back

Aug 20, 2021
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I have been writing a book and was up to 35,000 words, I added a new ssd drive in addition to my normal drive and did not realise that I had saved my book file to this drive instead of my normal drive. I had copied a lot of video files to a I created called VIDEO on this drive and was pruning them, deleting duplicate files but today when I checked the video directory it was empty, no matter, I still had the originals BUT my book file which had been copied to the root directory had somehow been corrupted for I just could not open it. I got the error 'Word experienced an error trying to open the file, try these suggestions' and giving 3 or 4 suggestions. For example Open the file with the text recovery converter. I had been meaning to back up this file for months but kept forgetting. Is there any way I can recover all of my work ?


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