I lost all my work, how can i get it back?



I was working on a document in word 2010. I had saved it and went to g
back into it. It asked me if I wanted to merge the changes and a fe
other options that I cant remember. I think I clicked on yes to merg
and now my document is completely blank. I lost everything. I'm reall
upset. It was very important and it took me a long time to do.
I tried to recover it and I cant. I looked in the recycle bin and it
not there. i searched my computer for it and I find the document but it
Is there anything I can do??


Stefan Blom

It would certainly help if you could cite the exact error message.

Generally, though, pressing Ctrl+Z for Undo gets rid of undesired
modifications. This can be done even after you have saved the document,
repeatedly if necessary, for as long as it remains open (the undo stack
is cleared when you close the document).

Note that if the document appears to be blank, the text might be
formatted in white color or with the hidden attribute. Have you looked
into those possibilities?

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