Using SendObject to send a filtered form



I searched the Discussions but can't find anything that directly addresses my
issue. This is a fairly complicated issue but I know someone will be able to
help me.

I have a form (form_A) that has an embedded subform (sub_form_A). I would
like to use SendObject to send what is in the subform, not the main form.
SendObject allows you to send a form, which I am able to do. However, it is
sending EVERY record in the table that the subform is bound to. I would like
to only send the filtered data on the form. It is a listing of projects by
user. One user may have 10 projects, another 5, another 20. The subform
properly displays all the projects associated with that user, but when I do a
SendObject with a "acFormatXLS", it creates a spreadsheet with every record
in the table that sub_form_A is bound to.
the Main form's (form_A) only control is used to display the user . This
control is then used to filter the subform. BTW: If I SendObject the Main
form, it only sends that user's name, though there are about 50 users in the
table. So, SendObject on the main form works correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for your response. I was wanting to send it in XLS format and I read
in these discussions that Access will not allow a report to be sent in XLS
format. Also, since I wanted XLS format, I didn't want to bother with
report formatting.

Norbert Limbersky


AFAIK there no command or method in Access that would export only those records of embedded subform that are related to current record of main form.

Nevertheless, you can easy do this with use of Access ad-in 'A2EE.mda'.

This add-in has been specially developed for this kind of job.
It will export only those records of subform that are related to current record of main form.

The add-in has it's own user interface and many controls that setup how will the export look like.

You may find more on:

Hope this helps

Access Developer

Oh, me, oh, my, Norbert. That's a really timely response... only 3 1/2
years after the question. Pardon me if I <GIGGLE> at the idea that the
original poster is still hanging around waiting for an answer.

But, I suppose someone who has a product that only does the same as a little
code to create some SQL to use in an export has to take advantage of every
opportunity to flog his add-in.

Norbert Limbersky

Dear Larry,
it is my pleasure to see that my answer cought a Person like you.
You are absolutely right.
I first created product, then searched for how to sell it and recognized Internet forums as a good start point.
So I searched questions / forums to which my product would fit as the answer, just like this one.
Is it a bad approach?
I hope not, I hope this is the classic win-win strategy.
It may provide benefits to all who may in the future ask same/similar question as was originaly put in this forum and in the same time provide benefit to me as the product owner.
In this case I do not expect that originator of this forum will read it. But this is why formums are public, isn't it? Someone else will read original question and my response.

It would be honor for me if you give a try to my product A2EE.mda.
You may be critical, but try it first.
Maybe you change your POV after you try it.
Maybe you event learn something.
BTW, I do not agree with you on saying that "...this product only does the same as a little code to create some SQL to use in an export..."
Best regards

Access Developer

Sorry, Norbert. I don't do business with newsgroup spammers. Niether do most
other participants here.

And, if your original summary accurately describes what your product does, I
can, and would rather, write the VBA code to accomplish the same purpose;
then if something changed, I would easily be able to revise my VBA code to
accomodate the change.

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