Videos don't play in presentations using multiple monitors mode



This is the latest annoying issue that I've run into with Powerpoint 2003
presentations when trying to use their "multiple monitors" mode. (I have a
Fujitsu Lifebook and a Dell monitor but it doesn't matter -- these problems
seem to apply no matter what equipment I'm using).

There is a simple way to use an external monitor -- just toggle using the
appropriate function key and everything on the laptop will also appear on the
external monitor. However, I need to have my laptop and the external monitor
be separate output spaces. So, I extend my desktop
(right-click--Properties--Settings) to the external monitor and then, in
Powerpoint, select Slide Show -- Set Up Show -- Multiple Monitors -- Monitor
2. This allows me to view my Powerpoint notes on my laptop while (in sync)
the presentation shows on the external monitor.

I have videos that I need to show the audience. However, videos don't play
correctly in multiple-monitors mode. I have properly "inserted" WMA videos
into my Powerpoint presentations and the files play just fine on my laptop
screen and, if I use the monitor toggle key (so that the external monitor
presents the same thing as my laptop screen), the video files also play just
fine on external monitors and projectors. However, as soon as I use the Slide
Show -- Set Up Show -- Multiple Monitors -- Monitor 2 setting, the same
videos no longer have picture on the external monitor.

This is extremely annoying because I need to use that multiple monitors mode
in order to see my elaborate notes (on the laptop screen) for every long
presentation that I give that I haven't completely memorized. Codecs don't
seem to make a difference.

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