Visio 2003 Viewer + IIS 6.0 + SSL



Hi everyone...

I have the Microsot Bussiness Scorecard Accelerator instaled on a Windows
2003 server with IIS 6.0 and a SSL certificate.

When I hadn´t the SSL certificate installed I could open that
application as http://server/ScorecardDevelopment. In that application I
could use visio drawings through Visio 2003 and Visio 2003 viewer, but one
week ago, I installed the SSL certificate.

Now my server is so secure. I access the application as
http://server/ScorecardDevelopment, but I started to have problems. The
Visio drawings started not to open, to view or to modify.

I have searched at Microsoft's support and I found that If I apply the
884592 article, I could solve that problem.

But after that, I had the same problem. I can not download the Visio
drawind neither to view, neither to modify.

Can someone help me? Has someone solved this problem? How?

Thanks in advance


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