Visio 2007 value stream mapping help guide



I would like to have a tutoriel to how to use the VSM template in visio 2007.
Do you have any usefull information that will show how we enter all the data
and customize the mapping ?

I have a specific information on the process icon: how do we change the
number of operator ?
I find how the hide it by right clicking on icon, but I never find how to
change it.
Look on the example on the office web site:
There is 1 operator for Stamping and 2 operators for the assambly box.

Also, on the second picture on that link, the Stamping&Assambly box having a
U shape symboly in it. Do we have to manually create that or it is a feature
of visio 2007?

One last thing, do the Value stream mapping add-in in visio 2007 doing some
calculation or automatic link between the box, so you don't need to always
type it?

Thanks for your help



Dale Schrimshaw

Place your cusor on the operator symbol, left click, from the keyboard type the number of operators desired. That number will be placed to the right of the operator symbol.

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