Export BPMN Visio Chart to Excel

Oct 4, 2023
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Hi Everyone,
I'm creating a Visio Cross Functional Flowchart and I'm using the BPMN Flowchart - Basic Shapes to build it as I've found in tutorials that this is the way to enable an export of the Steps to an Excel spreadsheet.
First issue I'm finding is that I can't go to Process >> Export as errors appear such as I have not add any Triggers or Actions to the Shapes?
I've tried to find out how to add these, not because I want them, but to enable the export to Excel
Therefore, my question(s) are below:
  • Can I switch off the need to add Triggers and/or Actions so I can export the Chart to an Excel table
  • If I have to have them, how do I add them?
Thanks for any help!

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