watch macro while it is recording


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update to previous topic "watch macro while it is recording"

Do you mean that you want to see at what stage a certain line of code is
being added? It's an interesting thought, but, as far as I know, this is not

If I have Word open, and the VBE open at the point where the macro is
recording I can immediately see the recorded code. I use two monitors, but
splitting the screen should work just as well.

i will get a second monitor to try that approach. in the meantime, I found the following instruction somewhere on the Internet but I can't find it again.

It seemed like it would be very helpful, but I can't get past line 6

Watch macro as it is being recorded

you can watch a macro as it is being recorded as follows.

When you start recording a macro, immediately click the pause recording button,

Now press the alt key and F11. This displays the visual basic editor.

6 Now navigate to the macro you are recording

arrange the Microsoft word window and the visual basic editor window so that you can see both.

Now press the alt key and F11 again to return to the Microsoft word window.

Now click the resume recording button.

Now as you are recording your macro, you will see each corresponding command appear in the visual basic editor window.

This is a good way to get a good sense of what kind of visual basic commands correspond to actions in word.

You will also discover that some things cannot be recorded.

If you watch your macro being recorded, you will know what is left out.

any help appreciated


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