Which MS Program to Use?

What Program to Use?

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Oct 17, 2016
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Hello all!

I am new to the forum and was not sure where to post this question. Currently where I work we have MS Office 2010 and I only have access to Excel, PowerPoint & Word. The department I'm currently in sends out meeting notes twice a week to people throughout our company as project updates and such. The way its currently done is we just update the email that was previously sent. This method does work but I feel MS Office may have a better method we could utilize. I use Word every now and then, but I know there are functions that I am not using that may help me with what I am looking for.

We would need to be able to only access to some people or at times allow all. The ability to search for a particular project and to see dates of different versions and so forth. I was thinking of saving it on our company drive but some of our sales staff who view it may not have access to our drive while traveling. I was thinking of putting it online but have to have security to only people with our company can view it.

I was even thinking of putting a macro in the Word document to have it save with the current date and save to a folder that we could attach to the email. But we would need a database to be able to search through if we'd like to search.

Worst case would be if we do not change the way we currently are doing it... but it feels like the wrong way.

Any thoughts?


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