Word 2000 printing blank text pages, prints ok with text & graphics




System is an IBM PC with WIN2000 at current SP and patch levels. Word
2000 is at 9.0.6926 (SP-3) and was installed as part of Office 2000.
Printer is HP Deskjet 820CSE.

Symptoms and Test Results:
1. Word will not print existing text-only documents that previously
printed w/o a problem. The paper feeds properly through the printer
but comes out blank.
2. Word will print the same documents if I paste a graphics image into
the document, and the text prints along with the image.
3. Testing shows that other apps. print, including Excel and IE.
4. In printer properties, the following is selected: "Spool print
documents so program finishes printing faster." If I select "Print
directly to the printer" then Word prints the text-only documents that
do not print when the spooler is used.
5. I have uninstalled/reinstalled (and rebooted in-between) the printer
driver w/o any change.
6. I have uninstalled/reinstalled (and rebooted in-between) Word 2000.
7. The printer's test page prints correctly and provides the following
A. Driver name: unidrv.dll
B. Data file: hpvdj82e.gpd
C. Config file: unidrvui.dll
D. Driver version: 5.00
8. I used the following for troubleshooting (How to troubleshoot print
failure in Word 2000 Article ID : 304422) with these results:
A. WordPad doesn't print text-only documents (spooler now enabled as
B. The Generic/Text Only printer driver has the same problem.
C. I can't test in Windows Safe Mode as no printer is installed, and
when I try to add a new printer I get "Unable to install printer
(printer subsystem unavailable).

I've never seen anything like this, and I have no idea what else to do.

Thank you very much for your help.

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