300+page org chart split / print to separate named pdf

Jan 7, 2013
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While Visio makes creating my drawing easy, and in case of many drawings at once importing data to create my 300+ page drawing, can be efficient, in other ways it can be so clunky sometimes.

I created 300+ page drawing by importing data to create 300+ "org charts". I say "org charts' bc they are actually drawings of a report as CEO and its datasource tables and fields as "employees". I now have one huge Visio file with 300+ pages. But I want 300+ separate documents each named appropriately.

Using vba i have renamed each page as the top level shape caption. Now I have to separate them. Ideally i want to have pdf files, not visio files but in pinch would do, and last desirable would be as jpg/gif.

I have tried:

- exporting/saving each page as jpg/gif/html but get 920 error.. i am totally stumped after exhaustive search on how to modify resolution for each page to avoid 920 error, i mean what is the 'perfect' resolution required? very vague documentation available.

- printing to pdf printer but hit pdf software dialogue.. i cannot do any printer side modifications, i have no admin rights to modify system, on company system, no sysadmin help here, so have to deal iwth what i got.. CutePDF. I am on WIndows 7 machine so sendkeys is outlawed.

- vba to create new doc, copy/paste page drawing into it, name new doc, save it with name, but still need to print to pdf .. but copy paste copies all page objects but not the captions and data behind them so they are blank shapes.. what the..??

- vba to save copy of 300+ doc with name of first page .. then delete all of the rest, then open original again and save as second page then delete all the rest of pages, and repeat 300+ times .. this will take literally months as it takes up to 5 minutes to open the huge visio file..

Seems every possible solution path has hit pitfalls, swamps, cliffs ..

As a general note, there is either very spartan, or obtusely technical, Visio information available on internet. With any other Office product, there are loads of info, examples, etc in forums etc. But Visio its crickets.

So wonder if any Visio developers can help me choose and navigate these solution paths!


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