Interactive Org Chart?



My company currently periodically issues an org chart in PDF format with each
layer of reporting on a different page. For example, the CEO is on page 1
with his VP's. Each of those VP's is then on another page with their
Directors and Managers, etc.

Is it possible to do this in Visio such that it can be published to a web
page, and each supervisory person can be clicked on to brig up his
department's page? In other words, on Page 1 I want to click on a VP and
then have that VP's page appear showing his direct reports. Doing this a
user could drill down through an organization.


You can experiment with that in a standalone version by applying a hyperlink
to the vp shape that points to the page that has their department. For
understanding what might be possible on a web version I'd suggest that you
check John Goldsmith's site ( ).

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