Accepting Changed Paragraph Numbers Without Accepting Other Change



I am a new (and still frustrated) user of Word 2007.

After editing a procedure with numbered paragraphs, I had to add a paragraph
to the document. This changed the paragraph numbering on everything from that
point on. I don't want to have the entire document side-barred when I send it
out for review, because my reviewers use the side bars to tell what has been
changed, so I'm trying to accept the paragraph number changes.

If I select the paragraph number or the paragraph marker (¶), and click the
Accept button, nothing happens. When I select the entire paragraph and click
Accept, the paragraph number is accepted, but all the other changes in that
paragraph are accepted, too.

This was an easy thing to do in 2003, so I'm assuming there's an easy way to
accept a changed paragraph number in 2007, too. Am I being too optimistic?


Peter T. Daniels

(Undo all the messing around you did after it went wrong and) Turn off
Track Changes, add the new numbered paragraph (and the following
paragraphs change their numbers), then turn Track Changes back on.

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