Accessing Exchange via Task Scheduler run on a Server



I have several scheduled tasks that opens an Excel workbook, performs
VBA actions, sends an email, then closes the Excel workbook. The
program works fine as long as a user is logged into the server via an
active session. We moved these tasks from a local PC to a server,
because we needed power backups, monitoring, etc. However, once user
logs off of the server, the Outlook portion of the code seems to

When the server scheduled task runs, I think it is trying to set up a
"new" Outlook user profile. Note: the scheduled task is marked "run
whether user is logged on or not" and has a stored user name and
password. But once I log off, the scheduled task does not seem to see
the user profile for Outlook using the "run whether user is logged on
or not" user name and password.

We are using Windows Server 2003, Exchange (I don't know the version)
and Outlook 2007.

We have tried to open the Outlook profile using a .prf file. No

IT believes the issue is the Task Scheduler is not accessing the
Registry Hive (HKey_Current_User) for the Current User (i.e.: the
registry settings/profiles for the "run whether user is logged on or
not" user name and password stored in the scheduled task).

We have logged a ticket Microsoft, but they told us Outlook was not
designed to run in an unattended session (i.e. a user must be logged
in for Outlook to perform correctly).

Does anyone have any ideas? Does anyone run their schedule tasks from
a server without an active user session? Any help would be
appreciated. Thank you.


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