activex for adobe reader



I am trying to add code in a command button on a form to change the cursor in
Adobe Reader to the Snapshot Tool, do a Select All (of the small table in the
already open PDF file), Copy, the close the PDF file. My user will then open
PowerPoint on his own and Paste the clipboard contents onto a slide manually.
In my existing command button, when I do an Export of a subform contents,
Adobe Reader opens automatically. However, once open, I can't get control of
the Reader while in still in Access. I have set and reset the reference to
Adobe Acrobat's type library but when I tried to use the CreateObject of one
of the objects listed in the object browser, I got the infamous Run-Time
Error '429' because Access couldn't create the object . I used the following

Dim objAcroapp As Acrobat.acroapp
Set objAcroapp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")

So, I am wondering, can Access get ActiveX control of Adobe Reader? If yes,
could I get a few hints on how to proceed? I can code in VBA. P.S. I have
scoured many forums and couldn't find an answer. Many thanks in advance.

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