Adding button using wizard in Access 07




I'm trying to add a simple button to advance the record page to a new blank
record using the wizard.

Here's what I've done:

Created the form which works fine. I've added records to test it.

In Design view I click on Use Controls Wizards to activate it.

Click on Button to select it.

Click on the form to place the button and activate wizard. This does

In the wizard I elect Record Operations under Categories and then Add New
Record for the Action.

Click Next and then select Text to identify the button.

Click Next again and change name to Add Record.

Click Finish

Change from Design to Form view to test it. Nothing happens when I click on

What am I doing wrong????

Thanks everyone !



Allen Browne

Try telling Access 2007 that you trust the folder where you database
resides. If it is not a trusted folder, the code does not run.

To trust your folder, click:
* Office Button (top left)
* Access Options (bottom of dialog)
* Trust Center (left)
* Trust Center Settings (button)
* Trusted Locations (left)
* Add new location (button)


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