All docs copy to CD burn lost contents originals too



I recently wanted to back up some important doc and txt files on a CD.
I opened the CD drive in Explorer, copied about 20 files of mostly Wor
2007 but also a couple of plain text files to it. Then hit "Burn t
CD". It said it was burning, but then the files would not open.

The major problem is the original files in the folder on my desktop an
some just on my desktop now have a gold padlock icon on the lower left.
The text files and some docs do not. Some of them won't open and I ge
two error messages with boxes I have to close.

The first one that opens over a blue background says "the file (name o
file) cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.
Then OK and Details buttons are there. Details say the file is corrup
and cannot be opened. Then it says parts are missing or invalid.

It also asks if I want to try to recover if I trust the source. I clic
yes and get the missing/invalid msg. The text files I opened are jus
blank. I learned my lesson finally and have backup copies of the files

I want to know why this happened and how I can prevent it from happenin
in the future. I seem to have a vague memory of this copy to CD bur
messing up documents once before-but I'm not sure. Still, it's ver

Anyone? I've read and searched and this is not about locking the fil
or changing those settings


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