Assigning all resources to a milestone



When reviewing a project, I quite frequently look at all the tasks
assigned to an individual on the plan. To do this I filter the view by
resource. However, I also want to see milestones on the project in the
filtered view so that I can track the individual's progress to the

To do this, I've assigned all of the resources to the milestones. This
seems somewhat inefficient since every time I add a resource I then need
to update all the milestones to include that resource.

Surely there's a better way of doing this? Any ideas?



Jan De Messemaeker


In the Gantt Chart view, Filter for Milestones
Select all the milestones
Click the Assign Resources button (two little heads)
In the assign resources window select the new resoruce(s)
Click Assign.

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why not change how you are filtering to display the information?

Below are the steps to create a filter which will ask you which
resource you want to show but will also include any milestones. Note
that if you are only wanting to show some key milestones you could set a
flag (flag1) to yes for these items and filter on that rather than
milestone = yes.

Project / Filter / more / new
Name the filter "show ms and resource..."
Chose to show this filter in the menu (assuming you want easy access to

Go down into the area below where you can add the filter stuff
1st line:
milestone equals yes
2nd line:
3rd line:
Resource names contains ""Resource name:"?

You can then apply this filter using projec / filter / chose it

Hope this helps




Jack Dahlgren MVP

I agree, change your filter to include Milestones instead of artificially
assigning resources to milestones.

-Jack Dahlgren

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