Basic Flowchart Shapes: Reformatting Shapes



How can I reformat any of the shapes in the Basic Flowchart Shapes pane?

When I launch Visio and create a new basic flowchart, all the shapes in this
pane are formatted with no fill, thin line, etc, pretty generic and I'm
assuming these are the defaults.

When I'm making edits in a file provided to me, when I "drag" a shape from
the Basic Flowchart Shapes pane, the shapes areformatted with color and
shading. From what I read, the shapes in this pane cannot be editted, yet
these shapes have formatting applied. I can use the same shape(s) from the
"Document Stencil, but how can I change the formatting of any of the shapes
within the Basic Flowchart Shapes pane?

(Rhetorical) If the shapes in this pane are uneditable, then how were they
changed to accept the shading format?

Any and all insight will be appreciated - Thank You




Which version of Visio are you using?

In V2007, you can use Themes to set global coloring.

The dynamic connector requires extra work. Place it on the drawing, then
open the document stencil, edit the "master" as you would like it, and apply
changes. Now, for this document, the subsequent placements will have those

As far as editting the master shapes on the master stencil, no, cannot do.
So, it's either the themes approach, or edit each shape when placed. Then
copy that shape to a new stencil which becomes your collection of new
masters. Saves you from doing a multitude of copy and pastes.

If these represent the default setup that you want for all documents, then
you can create a template that will recall all of these settings.

At least, that is my understanding and I don't recall any other techniques.





WapperDude, Thank You for the information. I am using Visio 2003; which I
should have provided initially, and will try and use the approach you had
suggested to address my situation.

Take Care

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