Bizarre model Refresh problems: software unusable...


Dmitry Duginov


I'm having HUGE problems with Visio for EA (11.7218.8132) SP2

I prepared a model (from scratch). Performed error check, everything is
I generated the script for database creation and run it from SQL Server 2005
Management Studio, 19 tables with indexes, PKs, FKs etc. were created.
I saved the model.

No changes were made to the database structure. Four records were entered
into two tables, that's it.

On the next day I'm opening Visio model, hit "Database/Model/Refresh" and
I've got tons of different "changes":

- PKs were added...
- FKs were added...
- Columns were added to the tables
- Tables were dropped from the database
- Tables were added to the database (approximately the same list as in the
previous item - "dropped")

I.e. DOZENS of "changes" that really never happened. If I would allow VISIO
to complete this "refresh", it removes most of the tables from the diagram.

I'm completely lost. I was hoping to quickly add couple of columns, a table
and and some new keys and update the database, but now I don't see any way
to use Visio for this purpose AT ALL.

Could anyone explain in general, what's going on???



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