Build Team in a Project Detail Page?

Feb 24, 2017
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Hi all,
Relatively new to Project Web App and I'm hoping to find out if it is possible to create a web part within a Project Detail Page where the project manager can complete the "Build Team" function? Drop down selection? I'd be open to anything really that improves the out of box experience.

My organization is using Project Online with a relatively small amount of users and we're starting with early stage deployment of our PMO. As such I'm trying to have this work as seamlessly as possible and reduce the number of clicks and menu changes needed to accomplish resourcing and assignment of tasks.

The simplicity of SharePoint Task Lists seemed ideal based on this requirement, but it seems those don't rollup to "My Task" pages (unless of course my ignorance is at play here).

Any advice or pointing in the right direction here would be greatly appreciated.


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