Can A PM Delegate PM Authority?


Kevin Slane

Is it possible for a PM to delegate his permissions to someone else? We have
PMs who want to be able to manage their project on the server, but they also
want to be able to just tell their assistant to approve task updates or
republish a project.

Dale Howard [MVP]

Kevin --

No, this is not possible. There can only be one Status Manager per task in
Microsoft Project 2007. So, if the assistant needs to approve task updates,
then he/she needs to open the project in Microsoft Project 2007 and set
him/herself as the Status Manager for every task, and then republish the
project. Hope this helps.

Gary L. Chefetz


If the updates do not require scrutiny (questionable????) then why not use
the automatic rules to approve your updates? This applies as much
intelligence to the process as you're likely to get delegating this to
untrained admin assistants.

Kevin Slane

You're right, and the thought has crossed my mind. I even mentioned that
this was possible, but I think they are more comfortable having a pair of
eyes on the updates prior to approval. I believe, however, as we move
forward, they may warm to the idea of letting the approvals take care of
themselves and just having the assistant re-publish the projects.


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