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Discussion in 'Access Forms Coding' started by skydiver, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. skydiver

    skydiver Guest

    Hello all,

    I work for state government (corrections) and I have been writing
    databases for a few years. We are currently using Access 2003, with
    the intent of moving to 2010 by the end of the year.

    The set up is as follows, the database is split, with the backend
    being on the server and the frontend being located on the C:\OEL
    \OEL_ARF.mde folder of the local machine. There are many machines in
    our organization, with only one frontend in a local area of each
    machine for each user to use. Most, if not all the machines we use
    are what we called shared, in the respect that there are multiple
    users who can use each machine. Each user has a logon user ID and
    password to logon to the computer and then can use their logon
    credentials to logon to the database. Once they logoff, the next user
    can logon to use the machine. It used to be that all users would have
    Admin rights to the machine, but now everyone only has User
    permissions. I don't know if this is an issue or not.

    I also use an UploadFEVersion function to copy a new version of my
    database to the user’s machine when I upload a new version to the
    server location.

    I am having two issues here, but I am not convinced they are related
    at all.

    1.) The first issue I am having is that when the new database is
    copied to the user’s machine, the database is shut down and restarted
    via code. On occasion, when the database is shut down, after the code
    has closed and opened the database, the user will receive a message
    stating the database is corrupted and needs to be repaired or it isn't
    a database at all. The user is asked to repair the database and
    everything works just fine.

    2.) Because there are many users on these machines and every user has
    their own person space in the Documents and Setting folder, on
    occasion, when a user logs off the database and computer and the next
    user logs on, when the user tries to open the database they receive a
    message telling them that Microsoft Office cannot find the C:\OEL
    \OEL_ARF.mde. When you go to the location of the database the
    database is there but you cannot open the database and you cannot
    delete the file here. It is like there is a locking file stored in
    the previous user’s profile. Does anyone know if that is a known

    If anyone can assist me with either of these two issues, I would be
    greatly appreciative.
    skydiver, Jul 2, 2012
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