Can't see tasks in web-access




I have:

Project Pro 2007
Sharepoint Server 2007
Project Server 2007 integrated with Sharepoint Server 2007.

I have such a problem:

When I create a project from Project Pro 2007 and publish it to the
server with for example name "IT", I can see that project from Project
Center and I can that project details (I mean Task name, duration,
start, chart), but I can't see the same for example task names, start
and finish dates in the "Project Web Access > IT", I mean when I access
the page that was created for the project IT, I can't see here any of
the information, I just can add new Tasks and so on. How can I update
this page from Project Pro 2007, like it updates the information shown
in Project Center ?

I think you could understand what I'm asking for.

Thanks for any help.


May 21, 2012
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Verify Publish Column

if task doesn't appear in project details.
be sure that you have publish all the tasks.
to verify :
1- open project file in Ms Pro
2- insert Publish column in current view
3- verify that Publish value is true
Good luck.

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